Super Truck is a fully insured and licensed trucking company that provides cross border and flatbed trucking services in Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alberta. We are an asset based trucking company that offers fast, flatbed shipping services at reasonable rates with superior service. For over 45 years, Super Truck has been the preferred choice for many companies in the Pacific Northwest for flatbed trucking.

Flatbed trailers are extremely versatile when it comes to moving over length, oversized, overweight cargo and heavy equipment. Flatbed trucking is an economical time saver for quick loading and unloading at remote locations, such as construction sites. The most efficient way to move large construction equipment, building materials, odd sized machinery, oil and gas equipment and other heavy loads, is with flatbed trucking.

Our fleet of specialized flatbeds can handle massive items that can be moved. Our people are flatbed experts and know what trailer configurations are needed to comply with weight restrictions. At Super Truck we take care of bridge and other clearance permits when required. We are USA-Canada customs bonded and can assist you in the paperwork for cross border flatbed trucking.

Super truck also offers heavy haul and hot shot hauling options for flatbed trucking.

Flatbed Trailers

In flatbed trucking there are 5 basic types of flatbed trailers, as well as highly customized industry specific flatbeds. At Super Truck we match the type of flatbed trailer to the hauling logistics of the cargo. This ensures our customer’s cargo, or equipment, is moved on the most cost efficient flatbed.

Depending on the weight and dimensions of the item(s) being shipped, we use the following types of trailers in flatbed trucking:

RGN, or Removable Gooseneck trailers, detach at the neck turning the flatbed into a ramp for easier loading and unloading of extra heavy equipment and cargo. RGN trailers are also used for oversized loads. Flatbed RGN trailers provide trucks with increased stability, limited swaying, tighter turning radius and faster hook ups.

Step deck trailers are a type of flatbed primarily used for moving cargo and equipment above the legal height. Heavy equipment can also be easily loaded and unloaded with ramps.

Flatbed stretch trailers are used to transport lengthy loads. These trailers have been engineered to carry heavy weights, while compensating for the extra length.

Double drop flatbed trailers are specialized trailers to handle cumbersome odd shaped cargo and over height loads. Double drop trailers are often designed and customized for specific heavy equipment.

Roll top trailers (aka Conestoga tarps or rolltite tarps) . This type of trailer can be used for shipments that require cover from the elements.

Super Truck has a wide assortment of covers, straps, tarps, chains and other equipment that we use for safe and reliable flatbed trucking. Our experienced flatbed drivers make sure your payload is properly secured, and tarped, if required.


The Super Truck Advantage

Since 1972, Super Truck has a proven track record of successful flatbed deliveries. Whatever the logistics of moving your heavy equipment or cargo, you can count on Super Truck to take care of the details. Give us a call and one of our transport and logistics experts can answer any questions you may have and provide you with a quote. You can also request a Quote on our flatbed trucking.