Super Truck is a fully insured and licensed trucking company that provides heavy transport and hot shot services. Since 1972, our company has offered reliable and competitive hauling services in Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alberta. Our terminal in Abbotsford BC is USA-Canada customs bonded. There are many advantages that come with Super Truck services such as specialized heavy transport and hot shot.

Hot shot is a type of delivery service for equipment and other items that need to be expedited swiftly and urgently. Our RUSH hot shot shipment services make your delivery a priority. Our custom hot shot equipment and dedicated drivers make sure your delivery arrives at its destination as quickly as possible. We have over 45 years of experience in-house Canada-US customs and cross border expertise, which is available when you go with Super Truck hot shot.


Hot Shot Payload Capacities

In the US, Class 3, 4 and 5 trucks are used for hot shot. The three classes of truck can handle payload capacities between 500 and 26,000 lbs. In Canada, the payload capacities are similar for hot shot. A big advantage with Super Truck hot shot services is our custom, low bed trailers that save you money on oversized loads, eliminating the need and expense of height clearance permits.

Whether you are hot shotting equipment, or other items to Canada, or the US, Super Truck has the specialized trailers and experienced drivers to ensure a smooth delivery. Our terminals have on-site weigh scales. We offer indoor and outdoor storage, as well as warehousing. Also, we offer specialized trucking services for loads that exceed the payload capacities for hot shot.

Hot Shot – Gooseneck Ramp Trailers

Gooseneck, air ride, ramp trailers equipped with upper decks and folding ramps can save a lot of money when moving items having multiple pieces, both large and small. The deck over the gooseneck provides added bulk carrying capacity while the integrated ramps in fold-over position extend the useable deck space to the full length of the trailer. The integrated ramps, when folded out, allow for safe and fast loading and unloading of mobile equipment. The biggest advantages of an air ride gooseneck trailer are the smoother ride protecting sensitive cargo, tighter turning radius and faster load-unload times. This is why using Gooseneck trailers with our Hot Shot service can save time and lower the cost of going hot shot.


Dependable Hot Shot Services

Whatever the logistics of your hot shot move you can count on Super Truck. We have a proven track record of reliability and a reputation for moving items that other companies can’t. Basically, if it can be moved, we can move it. We offer logistics solutions from moving buildings to hot shot.

Give us a call and a Super Truck transport expert can answer any questions you may have. You can also request a Quote on a hot shot.